XX World Congress on Safety
and Health at Work 2014

Global Forum for Prevention

24–27 August 2014 · Frankfurt · Germany


Take advantage of the opportunities for your company for professional presentation and closer involvement in the event. We have created a number of sponsorship packages. For details, contact us at info.en@support.safety2014germany.com:

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The benefits to you: 120 countries visiting Frankfurt. Over 4,000 opinion leaders are expected at the congress; perfect organization and ideal opportunities for presentation. For the sake of comparison, there were 5,400 delegates at the event in Istanbul, 4,550 at that in Seoul.

In its role as congress organizer, the DGUV is already able to thank the following firms for their sponsorship of the World Congress 2014:




We, the organisers of the 2014 World Congress, have a vision – vision zero. A world in which neither health nor safety is compromised by work. Siemens shares this vision. Safety and health management are top priorities for the company, as its Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens and Healthy @ Siemens programmes show. We are proud that, in Siemens, we have found a premium sponsor for our 2014 World Congress to report on the company’s experiences and discuss them with visitors. Detailed information on the two programmes mentioned above can be found at:


Zero Accidents – It is Possible!
Interview with Dr. Ralf Franke (SIEMENS AG)

Dr. Ralf Franke, Siemens AGDGUV Forum spoke to Dr. Ralf Franke, Head of Environmental Protection, Health Management and Safety at Siemens AG, about the implementation of OSH and health protection standards at Siemens locations throughout the world. Download interview (PDF)

Silver sponsors

Drägerwerk AG, Lübeck

"It is the varied cultural differences that make our company so strong"

Interview with Stefan Denker (Drägerwerk AG)
Stefan Denker, Drägerwerk AG Dräger is one of the world's leading companies in medical and safety technology and a Silver Sponsor of the 2014 World Congress. Bernd Kulow spoke to Stefan Denker, Regional Manager Europe Central Segment Industry (Chemical, Oil&Gas) KAF OHS, about diversity in this global company. Download interview (PDF)

Secumundi GmbH, Neustadt an der Weinstraße

Apps create time for consultations and service

Interview with Dipl.-Ing. Lars Diemer (Managing Director of Secumundi GmbH)
 Lars Diemer, Secumundi GmbHSecumundi is a young company in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse specialising in the production of applications, better known as apps, for occupational safety & health. It is also a Silver Sponsor of the 2014 World Congress. Dipl.-Ing. Lars Diemer, Managing Director of Secumundi, explains in an interview with Bernd Kulow of the World Congress team the importance of mobile apps for safety & health. Download interview (PDF)